Alien Lisa

I am NOT an angel!

30 June 1983
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My name is Lisa and I am from a planet called Alnilam (it was named after its star, the middle in Orion's belt). I am gigs_83's alter ego. I'm also the better one. ^^ For a full (more or less) biography, click here.

I used to have a family, but a big explosion destroyed them, part of my planet and most of my memories. Now I just travel. A lot. And I fall in love. A lot. :) the_guys is my guys' journal. Click here for the details on how I met 'em.

My list of powers can be found here.

My adventures and misadventures can be found here.

My icons were drawn by my fabulous friends: Ami Tenshi, Ashley Venable, Ashley Wilson, Andrea Brooks, Kristyn Armour and Sallie Drazzi. A few feature my Delphin form. They were made by my alter ego, gigs_83.

One thing: I'm an alien. I am NOT an angel. Remember this, don't piss me off, and we'll get along fine.